2017 Hotelier Awards Application

Application Deadline –  July 21st, 2017

Please consult the application guidelines before submitting your final application.

Download a copy of the application here.
Please note that in order to be considered, this application form must be submitted through the online portal.

Section I: Award Information


Section II: Candidate Information


Section III: Career Background

Details of the candidates background (100 - 1000 characters)

Consider the following points

  • Year of entering the industry
  • Previous positions
  • Duration in the current role
  • Progression within the current role
  • Relevant academic/professional qualifications
  • Previous awards


Section IV: Achivements

List 3-5 achievements the candidate completed during the past 12 months. For example, increase revenue sales, improved operations etc. (100 - 1300 characters)


Section V: Exceeding Expectations

Please provide at least three examples of when the candidate has exceeded the hotel’s expectations in the past 12 months. It could be anything from funding his/her training to helping another department at the hotel (100 - 1300 characters)


Section VI: Testimonials

Please provide three testimonials explaining why the candidate should win the award.
Testimonials should be from the following (100 - 1300 characters per testimonial)

  • Staff member
  • Line Manager
  • General Manager

Testimonial I

Testimonial II

Testimonial III


Section VII: Conclusion

Please conclude in one sentence why the candidate deserves to win the award. (50-250 characters)



If you have completed the application on behalf of someone else, please fill in the Nominator information below:


General Manager Contact Information



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