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An interview with DJ Mark Doyle of Fierce Angel


After recently landing in Singapore, we were eager to catch up with Mark Doyle of Fierce Angel who will be DJ’ing at the official after party of The Hotelier Awards Asia 2018. Read on to find out more about his journey from being the creator of the iconic Hed Kandi to now running the global music label Fierce Angel.


1. You were the creator of Hed Kandi record label and have since moved on to Fierce Angel. What can you tell us about Fierce Angel?

Fierce Angel began in much the same way as Hed Kandi, we were primarily a compilation and events company centred around providing great experiences. The brand started as I was passionate to start something new so I decided to leave Hed Kandi. By being a smaller company we are able to move very fast and still retain our core values and creativity. As the market has changed we have developed in new business areas, including music curation for venues, music production and more artist based projects. At the heart of the business is the love of simply amazing music.


2. You are regularly visiting Asia for performances, what is it that your fans here love about your style of music and the energy you bring to events?

We seem to be in Asia so much at the moment I think it’s because our style of music and presentation suits an older more upscale audience. We are continuously receiving requests for beach clubs / pool parties and special events. A Fierce Angel event can include anything from just myself as a DJ to a full production with musicians and singers. Our aim is to really try and connect with the audience and ensure everyone is having as much fun as we are! Also, it is great to see a increasing interest in good vocal house music with a disco vibe and it just seems to work in Asia. 


3. How would you best describe your style to someone that is not familiar with your music?

To me its good music. After 25 years in the business my musical style can vary from chilled out music to full on disco & house. Each event is a little different and the skill is tailoring the music and the atmosphere to a specific venue and audience. You only have to listen to one of our compilations or radio shows to get an idea of the music. It’s also about the presentation, we love bringing in live musicians like Saxophones, percussionists and our singers are particularly special too. 


4. What can Singapore expect from your upcoming performance at The Hotelier Awards?

They can expect a night of amazing music from a DJ who still loves jumping on planes to travel the world and entertain. We hope that the appearance will allow other to experience the unique sound of Fierce Angel and hopefully present us with other chances to return back for further performances in Asia.


5. What unique style do you think you bring to events in the hospitality industry?

Experience, professionalism and the knowledge of how to throw a truly amazing event. It’s also not solely about events for us, we recently curated the entire music style for a new Japanese restaurant in the Shangri La Mauritius and are currently working on some new music ideas with the Sun Group.


6. Who have you worked with in the industry so far?

We are pleased to be experiencing an increase of interest from the hospitality industry who wish to develop branded and personalised packages to either push their own events or provide entertainment for guests or corporate partners. Recently we’ve worked with the W Hotel in Taipei, The Shangri La in Mauritius, Crimson Resorts in Cebu and Unico in Riviera Maya. Our biggest most recent event was a series of three parties around New Years Eve at the aforementioned Unico in Riviera Maya. Our team worked closely with the venue to create a series of beach parties and one huge New Years party with an entirely unique theme and varied music throughout the event. Fierce Angel’s team of DJs, musicians and singers means we can perform at multiple events at any one time. 

Our new partnership with Riviera Events means we will now be targeting the finest venues in Asia to bring perfect Fierce events to an even large audience.

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